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Direct Line Maintenance Services Ltd has been trading since 1996 offering a quality gas central heating and boiler repair service to the customers of Stockport, South Manchester, Greater Manchester and all surrounding areas.


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Don't pay more than anyone else on heating and hot water. Make your home energy efficient and stay comfortable and warm.

Over the last few years there have been a few changes in the gas industry to help make gas safer and cheaper for consumers to use.

New technology in boilers helps them burn less gas to heat the same amount of water as old boilers. One of the best advancements has been the development of “condensing boilers”.

“A condensing boiler uses an extra-large heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer from the  gas burner and recovers heat from flue gases.”

In old boilers the fumes which were expelled out into the atmosphere had a temperature of between 120 and 180°C. The fumes which are expelled from new boilers have a temperature of between 50 and 60°C. New boilers recycle the heat from the fumes!

Modern controls on heating systems, like the Honeywell CM927, help to reduce your heating bills. The Honeywell CM927 is the most popular thermostat.

For larger homes we recommend Honeywell evohome which offers the ability to create separate heating zones on existing pipework or new heating systems. The evotouch controller allows homeowners to heat only the rooms they need during certain times of the day.



Many thanks for the wonderful workmanship.
It was really appreciated.
- Mrs. Sheila Prince

I just wanted to say a big thank you to your team for all of your help and hard work.
- Mrs. Laura Wilson

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