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Our New Manchester Evening News advert

The new advert is promoting the new Worcester Bosch 30i boiler which has impressive hot water and heating output.


MagnaClean Twintech

The link above will take you to the Ade website and they make a product we like to install call the Magnaclean Twintech. On the website you will find a video which shows you how product works. Here is vidoe of a Adey customer talking about the filters.


CombiSave Website Link

If you have a combi boiler and are on a water meter, then this device will save you money. Water meters are becoming commonplace as water main supplies are updated. The CombiSave is a devce that reduces the amount of water and gas you use while using your hot water. Click on the link below and it will take you to their website where they have a video to explain the device.


Boiler Breakdown Cover

Time for your boiler breakdown cover renewal? We believe we have the best service and price in Manchester and Stockport for gas boiler repairs. With the success our advertisement in the Manchester Evening News for Boiler Breakdown Cover we are also adding the new Ideal boiler range to the advert. The Ideal boiler range includes the Ideal 30kw combi which is the best value boiler we have seen and the new Ideal Vogue 40kw combi which has a 10 year parts and Labour warranty.


Ideal boilers website link


The importance of Heating Control

A study was carried out last year on the effects of installing heating control on existing domestic home heating systems. Below there is a quote from the results and a link to the study.

"Tests in a typical UK house, built within an environmental chamber, show that energy consumption by the heating systems can be reduced by up to 40% through the installation of a room thermostat and TRVs, with installation costs recovered in around a year. "


Free Insulation

Click on the link below and take a look at the latest grant available to insulate your home.



Warranties on Vaillant Boilers

We are aware that there is a little bit of confusion over the 5 year warranty which we offer for the Vaillant boiler range. We are creating a leaflet to explain it in depth but we will explain the matter here.

Direct Line Maintenance offers 5 year warranties on all the Vaillant boile (7 years on the Plus models from the 1st January 2013). Most of the boilers have a manufactures warranty for 5 years. On the Vaillant Eco-Tech Pro range there is a 2 year warranty but we will extend it to 5 years ourselves so its a 5 year warranty.

To qualify for the 5 year warranty you need to have the boiler serviced yearly by Direct Line Maintenance Services Limited. We can no longer guarantee a fixed price service for boilers fitted after April 2013 but we have no plans to increase prices and we are doing as much as possible to keep our prices from increasing. We have never been the cheapest installers in our area but we believe because of the quality and care we take on our installations we will save our customers money over the life cycle of their heating systems.

Switching your gas & electric suppliers

While our company is fitting new heating systems and new boilers, at some point we may try to talk about who supplies the gas & electric e.g. British Gas, Atlantic, Eon etc. If you have never changed your gas & electric supplier this sounds like a strange proposition. Often we hear the reply "We have had the same gas & electric supplier for 10 years and we are very happy". It's hard to get a customer to change from a service with which they are happy with.

Switching is easy and does not interrupt the supply of utilities to the your home. It does require filling in forms either by phone, online or through the post.

We are very enthusiastic about switching utilities and saving money, especially when we fit new boilers, as reductions in gas reflect well on our installation. Too often we see savings made in the use of gas erased by increases in gas prices. We make no money if you switch to a cheaper supplier, we do not receive commission, we just like people spending less on heating. U-Switch makes a small amount every time they make a switch, which is a bargain. What have you got to lose? It's also nice to help someone you know to change there supplier.

You always save the most the first time you switch, so what are you waiting for?

If you want to save some money then let U-switch help you. You call them and do it over the phone on 0800 404 7902 or visit their website.

click her to got to the U-Switch website

Money saving expert .

Link to Money Saving Expert on switching


Summer Promotion

As part of a promotion during the summer we are offering a free MagnaClean TwinTech on every new boiler we install.

A MagnaClean TwinTech will save you money. They are a brilliant addition to any new or old heating system. The device helps to keep the circulating fluid in you heating system clean and clear. Good clean circulation fluid prevents the build up of particles and prevents the mechanical parts of the system from jamming. That is, all the small expensive moving parts inside a combination boiler protected for the lifetime of the heating system.

These devices help us to provide our Heating Cover at low prices and keep our boiler suppliers happy because their boilers last longer

Offical Website of MagnaClean

Link to MoneySavingExpert advice on Magnaclean Twin-Tech


Binswood Hall - Solar Hot Water System Completed


Direct Line Maintenance Services Ltd has seen the completion of its innovative collaboration with Butterworth’s builders in the installation of Solar Hot Water Technology at its Binswood Hall site in Didsbury. The solar panels, manufactured by Baxi, will help to provide the hot water needs of flat owners and reduce their gas usage. On average the solar panels will generate around 50-60% of the annual domestic hot water requirement**.

The combination of the solar panels with the Alpha CD28C complete with Alphas pioneering Gas Saver unit gives the building project a very green environmental status. The Gas saver boasts independent testing results showing domestic hot water savings of up to 37% and can reduce gas consumption by up to 52%*.

The Gas Saver is a device fitted between the boiler and flue. It recycles heat usually expelled in the flue gases which saves energy, helps the environment and also reduces instances of pluming.

The installation of solar hot water technology will provide financial benefits and environmental piece of mind for the tenants of the Binswood Hall in Didsbury for a great many years to come.

For a look at the installation and the Binswood Development please follow the link below.

Binswood Hall Website

* Source: Tested replacing an Alpha standard efficiency boiler with an Alpha high efficiency boiler and GasSaver. Test conducted by independent scientific test house. Calculation based on an average household's consumption of 100 litres of hot water per day.

** Variable saving dependent upon usage patterns.

Many thanks for the wonderful workmanship.
It was really appreciated.
- Mrs. Sheila Prince

I just wanted to say a big thank you to your team for all of your help and hard work.
- Mrs. Laura Wilson

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